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Baltimore Animal Rescue Shelter Helped by Hundreds of Volunteers




The owner and chairman of Brown Automotive Group, William E. Schuiling has managed a thriving chain of car dealerships for more than 45 years. An active philanthropist who supports a variety of causes, William Schuiling donated $25,000 to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc. (BARCS) through his business.

On any given day, there are approximately 300 animals cared for by BARCS, with an additional 500 animals in foster care. Each day, this busy shelter receives an average of 33 new animals, with a total intake of around 12,000 animals per year. The job of caring for these homeless pets could not be done without the help of volunteers. In an average year, hundreds of volunteers log more than 30,000 hours taking care of animals and helping with other work at BARCS. Volunteers walk dogs, socialize cats, and even do laundry.

Shelter volunteers also help with event planning, fundraising, and helping to place animals with temporary foster caretakers and, eventually, their forever homes. Volunteering at a shelter is a great way for an aspiring veterinarian to gain experience and for any animal lover to enjoy spending time caring for dogs, cats, and other pets.


Baltimore Humane Society Offers Memorial Services for Pets

Memorial Services for Pets pic

Memorial Services for Pets

William Schuiling acts as the owner and chairman of Brown Automotive Group, LTD, an automotive company established in 1970. Apart from overseeing his company’s operations, William E. Schuiling also gives back to his community through various charities. Together with Brown’s Toyota of Glen Burnie and Brown’s Honda City, Mr. Schuiling donated $12,000 to the Baltimore Humane Society.

The Baltimore Humane Society (BHS) was established by socialite Elsie Seeger Barton during the early 1900s. With her pets as her constant companions, Barton decided to dedicate her life to caring for homeless animals. From its beginnings as a small refuge on a family estate, the Baltimore Humane Society has grown to offer a number of animal care programs, including memorial and bereavement services.

Through the Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park, BHS recognizes that pets will always be part of a family, even after they have passed on. The society offers several funeral services, such as cremation, pet removal and transport, and casket and headstone selection. Pet owners who need emotional support during the process can also attend sessions with a private counselor, or join the monthly bereavement group. Finally, pet owners can also lay their pets to rest at the BHS Memorial Park located within the organization’s wildlife sanctuary.